The Eschaton Archive

What is the defining difference between humans and animals? It could very well be our capacity to project ourselves into the future, using our imagination to envision all kinds of future outcomes—both the good and the bad.
From ancient myths of catastrophic floods and judgment days to modern ideas of apocalyptic AI scenarios, humanity has always been facinated by the idea of its own demise.

The Eschaton Archive is a growing archive exploring our fascination with the ultimate unknown—the end of our world. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources—historical, scientific, religious, folklore—the project delves into how these narratives manifest in our collective imagination. Through the lens of photography, scale manipulation, and perspective alteration, the project investigates the complexities of these mythologies.

This archive pertains to eschatology; meaning that it focuses on collecting, preserving, and presenting materials related to the end times or final events in visual culture with an emphasis on static imagery.

Static imagery encompasses visual arts such as paintings, drawings, photographs, and other non-moving visual forms.